Jewelry Collage

Since I have been so busy working and moving recently, I haven't had as much time as I like to design new things so this is my latest collage posted to my website....metajewelry.com


Silver Gold and Sparkle

Sometimes I can't make up my mind...am I in the mood for silver jewelry or will gold look better with my skintone? Choose both!


My Photo Blog

My love of photography as inspired me to start a photo blog - just another venue for my art.....



Valentine Gifts

Hearts aren't always red! Some are silver, gold
or even blue!!


Words to Inspire....

I am having so much fun creating
stamped designs....the sky is the
limit! Well, actually, the size of
the charm is......oh, well. lol

Turquoise is My Thing....

I love, love, love Turquoise! Besides being my
birthstone for December, it is one of those colors
that goes with everything! Whatever you wear,
it stands out!! This particular ring is oversized
and fun!


More to Say....

After creating my Love charm,
I had more to say....:)

All You Need is Love...

Just a little love....hand-stamped onto sterling
and oxidized, then polished to a shiny finish!


Wrap It!!

More vintage inspired
gems....cuff bracelets
w/ various sparkly finds...


Green is the Thing...

Peridot and sterling recycled
ear drops....


Still Sparkling after all these Years!

Recently I've been interested again in vintage
styles - repurposing old jewelry into new
more wearable pieces. From years of
collecting, I've acquired quite a few items
from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Missing stones,
broken chains, faded hues....these don't
deter me from updating them into more
desirable possessions......


Everything Old is New again

New sterling and
gold filled
cuff bracelets.
Vintage inspired!


So Cool

Icy Cool Quartz
Bracelet w/ Chalcedony Drop,
Handcrafted Toggle Clasp


Change of Seasons....

This gemstone lariat -
citrine, iolite, labradorite,
blue topaz, rose quartz
goes with everything!


Leaf it to me....

Inspired by nature, this
Leaf designed pendant
was created by hammering the shape
and texture with soft hammers on a metal form,
called foldforming. It is light in weight
but the volume adds visual interest.


Just a Drop of Wine....

What could be more fun than
a glass of wine?
Maybe some Wineglass Earrings???


My friend, Lou Lefler, has an interesting jewelry site
- all her pieces are very well thought out and
meticulously handcrafted.
She and I became friends while working together
several years ago and her husband, Ron,
commissioned me to design some items for her.
Now she is a wonderful jeweler herself and
I am
inspired by her work! Take a look and post a comment
on her page!



It's Summer!! I'm so inspired
by seasonal feelings and images...
like the aqua blue of the gulf,
the glittery surface of sand
and all shades of coral and peach
often found inside seashells.
When creating new designs,
I gravitate towards these colors,
hoping the finished product conveys these mental images...



I've been spending lots of time lately
photographing my jewelry for my website,
using the holiday season as a theme.
In a couple of weeks, though, those seasonal photos
may look outdated, thus requiring me to start over
yet again (or at least remove some of those images
and republish the old ones).
As an artist, the creative process
of staging the photos and using props can be fun
but the time involved in downloading photos,
resizing and then uploading to the website
prevents me from updating as often as I would like.
With a full time job, it can be challenging
to even find the time to MAKE the jewelry,
much less photograph it in a way that looks professional!
Oh, and of course, try to keep up with the holiday rush....

I recently joined LupRocks,
a great site that offers artists a way to showcase their jewelry
(and other accessories) to potential clients
such as editors and costume designers....
take a look at luprocks.com


Wave Neckring

Around and round your neck this goes....


Marcasite Watch w/ smokey topaz and swarovski crystals.


Watch with Turquoise & Swarovski Crystals

Sterling hoop earrings with Czech Glass & Swarovski Crystals


Handcoiled Sterling Necklace & Bracelets