I've been spending lots of time lately
photographing my jewelry for my website,
using the holiday season as a theme.
In a couple of weeks, though, those seasonal photos
may look outdated, thus requiring me to start over
yet again (or at least remove some of those images
and republish the old ones).
As an artist, the creative process
of staging the photos and using props can be fun
but the time involved in downloading photos,
resizing and then uploading to the website
prevents me from updating as often as I would like.
With a full time job, it can be challenging
to even find the time to MAKE the jewelry,
much less photograph it in a way that looks professional!
Oh, and of course, try to keep up with the holiday rush....

I recently joined LupRocks,
a great site that offers artists a way to showcase their jewelry
(and other accessories) to potential clients
such as editors and costume designers....
take a look at luprocks.com

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